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Corporate Fitness

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Corporate fitness offers fascinating possibilities of physical regeneration, activation and health maintenance of your employees. Your employees will thank you for it with higher motivation, better job satisfaction and a stronger emotional connection with your company.

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Corporate health as a company value

The health of employees is a significant aspect of your business. Healthy and physically active employees are happier and and more efficient workers. Corporate fitness makes a valuable contribution to your corporate health and excites more and more people looking for physical activity.

On-site at your premises and easily integrated into your daily business – our workouts provide the perfect balance to the particular working activities of your employees.

Corporate health as a satisfaction guarantee

Modern corporate fitness generates its value far beyond sports training. Together with experts and partners in the areas of nutrition and exercise science, we support you with a holistic training concept, thematic consulting and thoughtful sports programs that inspire and motivate.

Through this opening to your employees any topics related to corporate health not only gain in importance – it gains especially in relevance to the individual.

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Corporate health for employee solidarity …

… increases the emotional connection of your employees to your company. From a business perspective complementary health management next to occupational health and safety is important, for example when it comes to the preservation and restoration of performance healthier employees have less absenteeism and are happier employees.

By promoting good health you promote both the performance of your employees and the future of your company.

Seminars & Consulting

In tailored seminar presentations and workshops we show you the overall benefits of corporate health in more detail as well as how to improve your stress management or to manage absenteeism.