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Group Training

Team spirit included

Great atmosphere, nice people and an innovative sport workout that brings people together. Let yourself be inspired by our group training. Group training is one of the best options for discovering the benefits of an individually supervised training program that brings you together with friends, colleagues and like-minded people.

Thinking sports personally. Wellway Sports.

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Personal training with friends

Sports training in a group is motivating and fun. The interactive and fun program among friends, colleagues and like-minded people is a bonding experience that will be remembered.

The focus is on the functionality of your training. By deliberately performing functional movements in kinetic chains and using the weight of your own body we will take your training to a whole new level. The complementary use of the TRX Suspension Trainers and special training devices make your training complete and very effective. Suspension training is much more than just conventional strength training. For each exercise real functional strength is created, while enhancing the mobility, stability and balance of the body.

Suspension training offers amazing benefits that can be used by everyone. Enjoy the special atmosphere among friends and experience how your physical condition improves your health and lifestyle. TRX group fitness is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of personal training in small groups and to quickly and safely improve your overall endurance and calorie burning.

Let yourself be inspired by Wellway Sports group training.