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    Everyone feels at home with us ‐ no matter if beginner, ambitious hobby athlete, strongman, crossfitter, bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter.

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Not your typical gym

We are not your typical gym. We have no designer dressing rooms, saunas, and no endless inventory of cardiovascular equipment. We do not offer spinning, aerobics or anything with the words, »Zumba« or »WOD«. At Wellway Sports we do one thing: we teach people how to become stronger. Strong people are healthier, live longer, have a better quality of life and are generally more athletic and robust. It does not matter whether you are man or woman ‐ Everyone benefits from being stronger, but most people have no idea where to start.

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Targeted strength training for maximum success

We are not your typical gym. You get the knowledge and self-confidence needed to train effectively for the rest of your life. And you will do so in a supportive and welcoming environment free of big egos, sentiments, mobs and chaos.

We take the approach that coached training is the best way to increase your athletic performance and fitness and to achieve success. Therefore, our courses are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. We do not leave the training of our athletes to chance.

Everyone feels at home with us – no matter if beginner, ambitious hobby athlete, strongman, crossfitter, bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter.


Picture Wellway Sports Stronger You Course

Stronger You

The classic barbell training course is designed for both women and men who want to increase their strength and maintain, build up or define muscles. Our coaches introduce you to the very effective basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses. While first the correct execution of the complex exercises is in the foreground, it is also necessary to increase the force component over time.

Picture Wellway Sports TRX Course


TRX Suspension Training is a highly effective full-body workout using a non-elastic harness system that uses your own body weight as a resistance to training while standing or lying down. Individual muscles are never isolated, but always stressed throughout the muscle chain. The focus is on improving inter- and intramuscular interaction.

Picture Wellway Sports Zirkeltraining Course

Circle Training

Circuit training is an intense and varied way to burn fat while maintaining or building muscle. Each circuit consists of eight exercises, which are executed in succession for 40 seconds each. In a training session, the circuit is repeated four times with a 2–5 minute break between circuits.

Picture Wellway Sports Skill Course


Here we show you additional exercises with resistance bands and your own body weight. Each unit is dedicated to a specific part of the body, which repeats every three weeks.

Picture Wellway Sports Booty Builder Course

Booty Builder

In this course we dedicate ourselves to stomach, legs and butt. It is trained in pairs at different stations with dumbbells and dumbbells, resistance bands, own body weight and machines.

Picture Wellway Sports Body Builder Course

Body Builder

The upper body is in focus here: the arms, chest and back are intensively trained. As with the Booty Builder, two people train at one station. There are dumbbells and dumbbells, cables and machines for use.

Picture Wellway Sports Boxen Course


Boxing is a versatile sport that is not just about giving out and taking the most. Tactics, coordination, speed and willpower are enormously important in boxing. If you really want to work out and work up a sweat then this is the place for you.

Picture Wellway Sports Pole Dance Course

Pole Dance

The only pole dance private group training in Erlangen. The acrobatic training on the pole trains strength, flexibility and body balance. From session to session it becomes easier to perform the different figures. Whether beginner or advanced, pole dance is great fun and suitable for any state of fitness.

Picture Wellway Sports EMS Course


With our EMS Performance Center, we define the EMS training with the device from miha bodytec, completely new. Here, the muscles are stimulated by means of electrical impulses to contract, that is, to contract. Individual muscle groups can be targeted. This time-saving variant effectively builds muscle power.