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    Personal, supportive and tailored to your needs. Discover the variety of sports activities and training services offered. Discover your personal training in Erlangen.

Personal Training

Your own personal trainer

Individually and personally supervised training leads to the best and safest physical workout results. Personal training is the most effective, healthiest and most sustainable way to optimize your physical fitness and to achieve your athletic goals.

Enjoy sports, the joy of movement and motivation during your training. Whether outdoors, at the gym or at your home. No matter under what circumstances and individual goals – we will tailor your very own personal training concept.

The Optimum Performance Pyramid

Conceptually sound

Individual screenings, focused observation, coaching and tailor-made training programs are the basis for your personal training which are inspired by the optimum performance pyramid concept. It is founded on three levels and contributes to an improved understanding of human movement patterns.

The Optimum Performance Pyramid

The first stage is based on fundamental human movement patterns, which are the basis of every sport specific motion. Here you go through a professional review by a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This screening documents fundamental movement patterns and motor control in the execution of movement patterns. A special feature of this screening is to readily and effortlessly identify specific areas of the body with the greatest movement deficits and highlight functional limitations and asymmetries. It differs in its accuracy and safety from all other screenings and creates the best conditions for a safe and healthy workout. We are proud to offer scientifically based training concepts and the most beneficial customized treatment plans.

At the performance level, the focus is on selected training programs, which focus on your quickness, agility and mobility as well as your strength and shape. The skill level promotes sport specific skills and movement patterns for everyday tasks and skills. Across all levels regular evaluations are performed, which control the training process and clearly document your results without the need for extensive testing and analysis.

Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)